fabric shrinking and relaxing machine

Middle Fabric shrinking machine

National installation steam basin design, internal steam recycling, energy saving 40% than the same type of products; Ensure no dripping, ensure good pre-shrinking effect; Adopt imported brand control electrical appliances, the machine is more durable.

Reduce the fabric preshrinking rate, stabilize the fabric size, improve fabric quality.
1.Steam humidification and heating.
2.Electric heating drying.
3.Spreading fabric 、Measurement、folding fabric
4.Adopt strong cooling device, quickly cooling fabric, stabilize fabric size.
5.Vibration function allow the fiber to be fluffy naturally.

Suit for Knit and woven ,a variety of general fabric. Especially suitable for pure cotton, silk, wool, linen..

1.Fully sealed unique design steam cover: no leakage of steam, reduce the  steam consumption (save about 40% steam consumption than other type product), ensure no water dripping.
2.The steam cover is made of three layers of stainless steel,good heat preservation and thermal insulation effect.
3.Electronic eye monitoring releasing fabric , make sure fabric is in the tension-free state.
4.Step-less Frequency Conversion Timing.
5.Equipped with original imported electrical appliances, stable performance,machine is durable.
6.Use high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt.
Model YL-3800
Voltage&Frequency AC 380V 50HZ
Steam consumption 100kg/h
Steam pressure 0.4-0.7 Mpa  
Maximum roll fabric diameter 40cm
Maximum working width 2100mm  
Working speed Adjustable,0-20m/min  
Drying temperature Adjustable,≤200 ℃  
Drain vapor motor power 0.8kw  
Feeding fabric motor power 0.12kw  
Drying heating power 6kw  
Total  Power 8.64kw
Boundary dimension 4000*2610*1650mm