Automatic Garment Ironing Machine

Automatic Garment Ironing Machine

Automatic T-shirt ironing machine

Equipment advantages: A. Steam ironing and finishing: It has automatic induction and positioning functions, accurately grasps the size of the garment, uses the robot to automatically steam iron the garment to ensure the

Automatic trousers ironing machine(with collection)

Features: 1. The three rotary workstations can automatically spray steam and blow air; strong hot air blowing function (adjustable blowing time), automatic steam spraying function (steam spraying time can be adjusted)

Automatic trousers ironing machine

Configuration: 1. PLC program and touch screen display control system. 2. Inbuilt with steam generator. 3. Capacity counting function. 4. Powerful hot air blowing function(Blowing time can be adjustment) 、 Automatic