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Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

Provider of automated fabric inspection, finishing and garment ironing solutions



Automated garment ironing

Independent research and development of automatic upper garment ironing machine and automatic trousers ironing machine, improve efficiency, increase production capacity, reduce labor, and ensure the ironing effect.
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Intelligent fabric inspection

The first intelligent fabric inspection machine in China that can inspect color difference, the whole process of fabric inspection is automated, robot automatically feeding fabric, automatically inspect the fabric surface defect, color difference, width, length, automatically scores and issues a professional fabric inspection report.
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Intelligent fabric inspection


Energy saving fabric finishing

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving fabric steam shrinking machine and fabric washing shrinking machine have obtained patents. Stabilize fabric size, reduce fabric shrinkage, ensure pre-shrinking effect, ensure no dripping, energy saving, environmental protection.
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Our Advantages

With 30 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of textile and apparel equipment, we understands the pain points of the industry, focuses on equipment automation and intelligent upgrades, improves product value, helps textile and apparel home textile enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and helps enterprises achieve the final digital transformation and upgrading.

Stable & High Quality

Yili has its own production line, controls every production process, and better controls the equipment quality and production cycle; the electrical components are all imported brands to ensure the stability of the equipment.

Smart & Efficient

Yili understands the pain points of the textile and garment industry, increases investment in traditional equipment intelligence and automation upgrade technology, greatly improves production efficiency and quality for you, and promotes intelligent production.

Environmental Friendly & Energy Saving

Yili has a number of energy-saving and environmental protection structures with patents, and many types of equipment are leaders in the industry. The original technology ensures excellent energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

Customization & Informatization

Yili has 30 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of clothing equipment, with automatic R&D capabilities, and can flexibly provide customers with customized equipment to meet specific production needs.

About Us

Provider of automated fabric inspection, finishing and garment ironing solutions

Quality Management Assurance & Technology Development Upgrade

Comply with the ISO quality management system, and devote ourselves to the intellectualization and automation upgrade of textile and garment equipment.

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30 years of industry experience, with independent research and development ability


Service Assurance

Provide operation instructions, operation video and online technical support, some areas have service outlets