Vacuum Ironing Table

Vacuum Ironing Table

Bridge vacuum ironing table

Technical specification Voltage&Frequency 1PH AC220V/50Hz、3PH AC380V/50Hz Vacuum motor power 0.75KW/0.8KW Motor speed 2800r/min Table he

Special Buck Vacuum Ironing Table

Sleeve vacuum ironing table Model: YL-BUCK-1 Double trousers seam vacuum ironing table Model: YL-BUCK-2 Trousers seam vacuum ironing table(With electric heating) Model: YL-BUCK-3 Trouser

Bridge vacuum ironing table(Table with electric heating)YL-B

Technical specification Voltage&Frequency 1PH AC220V/50Hz 3PH AC380V/50Hz Vcuum motor power 0.75KW/0.8KW Motor speed 2800r/min Table heating

Square Vacuum Ironing Table

Vacuum ironing table Without heating YL-1800F Vacuum ironing table with one buck Without heating YL-1200D YL-1500D YL-1800D Vacuum ironing table with two buck Without he