Digital Semi-automatic Fabric Inspection Machine

Digital semi-automatic fabric inspection machine

The digital semi-automatic fabric inspection machine can automatically read the defect position, automatically record the defect information, and can score the cloth according to the American standard four-point system and issue a professional cloth inspection report.
1. Automatically measure fabric width and fabric length.
2. The main light panel is equipped with a touch screen. After the fabric inspector finds a defect, he can use a touch screen pen to point the position of the defect, and the system will accurately read and record the coordinates of the defect.
3. Equipped with a computer monitor, the fabric inspector can directly input information such as fabric color, defect type and size on the computer.
4. After the cloth inspection, the system will automatically score the fabric according to the American Standard four-point system and generate a professional cloth inspection report, saving the time of handwriting records by the cloth inspector and getting rid of the tediousness of preparing the cloth inspection report. The QR code of the report can be printed immediately and pasted on the outer packaging of the fabric, and the fabric information can be read by scanning the code, which is convenient for viewing at any time.
5. The cloth inspection information can be uploaded to the management computer, and the data information can also be shared online, and the digital fabric warehouse system can be integrated to facilitate the connection between upstream and downstream customers and the internal management of the factory, making the data clearer.

Applicable to: normal knitted and woven fabric
Model YL-2100CP-ED
Voltage 1PH 220V 50HZ
Working speed 1-30m/min
Max. Working width 2100mm
Max. Working diameter 400mm
Power 1.1Kw