fabric inspection and relaxing machine

Multi-function Fabric Inspection Machine

Suitable for knitting, woven, elastic cloth, heavy duty cloth and other conventional fabrics.
1.Multi-function: set cloth inspection, cloth relaxing 、relaxing with edge alignment control、 counting in one;
2.Equipped with forward and reverse function;
3. The speed is flexible and adjustable: the frequency converter imported from Japan is selected to control the speed of cloth inspection flexibly;
4.Equipped with Smoothing fabric roller (Special for elastic fabric,thread roller can spreading fabric edges to two side , avoid  the edges are folding on themselves and moving toward the center of the roll);
5. Measuring length: equipped with yard (meter) device, automatic counting, can accurately measure the length of the cloth;
6. High efficiency inspection cloth: select LED lamp tube, check the light uniformity, high efficiency inspection cloth;
7. Convenient and flexible operation: foot control, convenient and flexible.
Model YL-2100C-S-ED2
Voltage 1PH 220V 50HZ
Working speed 1-30m/min
Max. Working width 2100mm
Max. Working diameter 400mm
Power 1.3Kw
Dimension 2610x2800x2400mm