Advantages and characteristics of fabric relaxing machine

Automatic Edge Alignment Heavy Fabric Relaxing Machine YL-1800E-ED

Suitable for jeans, leather and other heavy cloth folding relaxation, edge alignment control , measuring cloth.
Functional Features:
1. Rolled to Folding , to reach natural relaxing effect.
2. Automatic edge alignment function.
3. Equipped with imported frequency converter , the speed is flexible and adjustable, and the advanced speed regulating system is convenient for operation.
4. Eliminate tension of warp and weft yarn such as elastic fabric and knitted fabric.
5. Reverse and reverse function, can rewind the problematic cloth halfway.
6. Fabric measuring function.
7. Effective use of space to make the production workshop standardized and clean.

Model YL-1800E-ED
Max. Fabric diameter 40cm
Max. Fabric width 1800mm
Working speed 0-30m/min
Power 0.74kw
Voltage & Frequency 1Ph 220V 50Hz
Machine dimension 2310x1540x1580mm