Fabric Rolling Machine

Automatic edge alignment fabric rolling Machine

Use with automatic slitting machine.
1.This machine is used for winding straight or twill fabric before sliting strips process ,to make  twill can adjust between 30° to 60°.
2.Fabric winding speed adopts frequency converter step-less speed regulation,  can inching operate fabric winding.
3.Equipped with automatic edge aligning function , the cloth rolling effect is more neat and the material loss is minimized.Infrared ray edge alignment system,error 5mm.
4.With measurement counter.
5.Spreading fabric system.

1.Max working width: 2100mm
2.Max fabric diameter: φ350mm
3.Total power: 1.2Kw 
4.Speed: 1-30m/min,adjustable
5.Voltage: AC 1Phase 220V/ 50Hz
6.Machine dimension(L*W*H): 2610x1250x1200mm