Professional Fusing Machine | Textile Fusing Press Machine

Professional Fusing Machine | Textile Fusing Press Machine

The fabric bonding machine is used to bond the hot-melt lining fabric and garment fabric to each other. The principle of the existing cloth bonding machine is to use the conveyor belt to send the two kinds of fabrics to be bonded into the inside of the cloth bonding machine at the same time, use the pressing plate with heating function to heat the cloth, and bond the two kinds of cloth on the Then use the conveyor belt to send the fabric out. Before the cloth is fed into the cloth gluing machine, the cloth needs to be paved manually. During the working process of the gluing machine, workers are always required to organize the cloth, which is labor-intensive.
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Stable & High quality

Yili has its own production line, controls every production process, and better controls the equipment quality and production cycle; the electrical components are all imported brands to ensure the stability of the equipment.

Smart & Efficient

Yili understands the pain points of the textile and garment industry, increases investment in traditional equipment intelligence and automation upgrade technology, greatly improves production efficiency and quality for you, and promotes intelligent production.

Environmental friendly & Energy saving

Yili has a number of energy-saving and environmental protection structures with national patents, and many types of equipment are leaders in the industry. The original technology ensures excellent energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

Customization & Informatization

Yili has 30 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of clothing equipment, with automatic R&D capabilities, and can flexibly provide customers with customized equipment to meet specific production needs.

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Yili (Zhaoqing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 (formerly known as a joint venture between the Duanzhou District Government of Zhaoqing City and Hong Kong Tailifa Company). A high-tech enterprise, it is committed to realizing the intelligent finishing of the textile and garment industry, opening up the key links of intelligent manufacturing of textile and garment, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Since its establishment, it has always attached great importance to technological innovation and product development. Has a number of high-tech product certificates, 5 national invention patents, and obtained CE certification and ISO9001 certification.

Since the launch of the smart fabric testing and smart ironing projects in 2018, the team has visited 100+ customer sites and conducted in-depth discussions with senior fabric experts in the textile industry to understand industry needs. Yili is an all-round company with industry experience and technology research and development capabilities.

Yili adheres to the vision of "making the textile and apparel industry intelligent and green", takes products as the core, wins credibility with quality, leads the future with innovation, continuously improves product value, and is committed to providing modern solutions for the textile and apparel industry. The pioneer of intelligent equipment in the textile and garment industry, assists the era of Industry 4.0 with technological innovation, and jointly builds intelligent new manufacturing.

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The importance of fusing machines

Adhesive processing is a processing technology that improves the quality of materials. Adhesive processing is to combine two or more materials into a new material, which is much higher in quality and functional characteristics than a single material. Many manufacturers will choose to combine materials for processing. In the case of apparel, the bonding process combines fabric to fabric or fabric to film. First of all, it is much superior to a single fabric as a raw material in terms of wear resistance and water resistance. And if it is sportswear, such as mountaineering suits, the fabrics need to be bonded even more, because mountaineering suits not only need to be wear-resistant and washable, but also have functions such as keeping warm, breathable, moisture-permeable, and windproof.

How to use fusing machine correctly?

1. Wet or corrosive materials cannot be produced without the approval of the equipment department to prevent damage to equipment and leakage accidents;
2. It is not allowed to place sharp objects such as scissors and bolts on the workbench, and it is not allowed to use sticks or iron bars to stir up clothes to prevent them from being transferred into the equipment and damaging the machine;
3. If the equipment is found to be operating abnormally, shut it down in time, and ask the maintenance personnel to find out the cause and repair it before using it.

Advantages of fusing machines

The automatic belt correction device ensures that the upper and lower belts do not deviate. The electronic thermostat and solid state relay control the constant temperature system, and the temperature deviation is minimized. Heating monitoring equipment can control the normal operation of the heating system, and the heating system can transfer heat evenly. All kinds of fabrics can be used. Equipped with an anti-wrinkle roller to handle a variety of fabrics. Equipped with mesh belt conveying series, the cooling effect is good.
The fusing machine is equipped with an automatic cooling and constant temperature shutdown device, a strong spring/air pressure device, and an automatic flip paddle, making it easier to pull out the cutting piece. The specially designed cleaning cloth rod cleans the belt thoroughly and makes it easy to replace.

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Features of fusing machine for the interlining and fabrics fusing

Electronic thermostat and the relay controller to offer the stable temperature and minimum the temperature differences to the minimum.

Available in Different size for piece or whole roll fabric using.

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