Fusing Machine

Fusing machine

Suitable for interlining and fabric bonding.
1. Automatically Cooling when the machine is switched to power off.
2. Heating equipment controls heating system for smooth operation.
3. Electronic thermostat and the special-made heating equipment minimize the temperature differences.
4. Equipped with the special linear guidance belt to prevent the belt from warping, and having longer duration of the belt.
Model YL-600AL
Power 1P 220V/3P 380V
Motor power 0.06kw
Heating power 5.2kw
Pressurization method Pneumatic Pressurization(Need use with air compressor
Air supply Min. Consumption 5~10L/H
Max. pressure 3.5kg/c㎡
Temperature Normal temperature-230℃
Fusing width 600mm
Fusing time 10-34 sec
 Strip-off device Upper plectrum and lower scrape
 Machine dimension 255*110*105cm