Industrial Vacuum Ironing Table | Steam Ironing Table Manufacturer In China

Industrial Vacuum Ironing Table | Steam Ironing Table Manufacturer In China

Type of ironing table. There is two type of ironing table ,one is only with vacuum function , one is with boiler inbuilt. In the garment production industry, an ironing table is a very common garment processing equipment. An ironing table is a device that provides an ironing position for garments, and it is widely used in the garment production industry.
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Stable & High quality

Yili has its own production line, controls every production process, and better controls the equipment quality and production cycle; the electrical components are all imported brands to ensure the stability of the equipment.

Smart & Efficient

Yili understands the pain points of the textile and garment industry, increases investment in traditional equipment intelligence and automation upgrade technology, greatly improves production efficiency and quality for you, and promotes intelligent production.

Environmental friendly & Energy saving

Yili has a number of energy-saving and environmental protection structures with national patents, and many types of equipment are leaders in the industry. The original technology ensures excellent energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

Customization & Informatization

Yili has 30 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of clothing equipment, with automatic R&D capabilities, and can flexibly provide customers with customized equipment to meet specific production needs.

Ironing table inbuilt with steam boiler

Yili (Zhaoqing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 (formerly known as a joint venture between the Duanzhou District Government of Zhaoqing City and Hong Kong Tailifa Company). A high-tech enterprise, it is committed to realizing the intelligent finishing of the textile and garment industry, opening up the key links of intelligent manufacturing of textile and garment, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Since its establishment, it has always attached great importance to technological innovation and product development. Has a number of high-tech product certificates, 5 national invention patents, and obtained CE certification and ISO9001 certification.

Since the launch of the smart fabric testing and smart ironing projects in 2018, the team has visited 100+ customer sites and conducted in-depth discussions with senior fabric experts in the textile industry to understand industry needs. Yili is an all-round company with industry experience and technology research and development capabilities.

Yili adheres to the vision of "making the textile and apparel industry intelligent and green", takes products as the core, wins credibility with quality, leads the future with innovation, continuously improves product value, and is committed to providing modern solutions for the textile and apparel industry. The pioneer of intelligent equipment in the textile and garment industry, assists the era of Industry 4.0 with technological innovation, and jointly builds intelligent new manufacturing.

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Precautions when ironing with an ironing table

1. Grasp the correct ironing temperature. During ironing, test the temperature frequently, and do not iron yellow or scorched clothes.

2. Spray water evenly, not too dry or too wet.

3. Concentrate on moving the iron according to the ironing requirements, the weight should be appropriate, and the iron should not stay in one position for a long time, or rub the iron back and forth on the surface of the clothes.

4. The clothes to be ironed should be laid flat on the ironing table.

5. When ironing, according to the different parts of the clothes and ironing requirements, sometimes use the whole part of the bottom of the iron, and sometimes use the tip, side or back of the iron.

6. When ironing, hold the iron in one hand and cooperate closely with the other hand. Such as holding down the garment so that it does not move with the iron. When splitting the seam, the other hand needs to use fingers to open the seam, etc.

Precautions when ironing with an ironing table

Structural features of the ironing table

The ironing table is designed according to the "V" funnel-shaped wind principle, which makes the work table have strong suction and good effect. The built-in motor drives the pumping and blowing valves. Equipped with an electric constant temperature heating tube, the temperature rises quickly and is durable, ensuring that the working surface is dehumidified and clean. Equipped with high-quality motors and fan blades, the quiet effect is better. Stronger suction. Equipped with two foot-operated jog switches, it is convenient and quick to switch between pumping and blowing.

Structural features of the ironing table

What are the commonly used ironing tables?

The ironing table is one of the more important equipment in the dry cleaning shop. Generally, the ironing table is divided into the following three types in form:
1. Square table: Rectangular table top with a fan below to make the table top form a negative pressure to achieve the purpose of cooling. The square table is mainly used for ironing clothes with a large laying area. It has high ironing quality and high work efficiency, but it is not suitable for ironing clothes with curved shapes and complicated structures.
2. Plate-through ironing table: the front end is semi-circular, with different widths, suitable for ironing curve-shaped, complex-structured clothes and various skirts.
3. Multi-functional drum suction steam ironing table: It is a multi-functional ironing table with the functions of suction, blowing and steam spraying. First, the garment fibers are softened and shaped by spraying steam, and then the garment is set by suction. This ironing table is suitable for ironing suede garments and can also be used with a feed-through.

What are the commonly used ironing tables?
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Because it is necessary to Remove wrinkles and flatten clothing.

Our ironing table inbuilt with boiler type have china national patent,save 40% steam consumption than other brand.

Automatic type can save labor cost,improve working efficiency.

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