Automatic T-shirt Ironing Machine

Automatic T-shirt ironing machine

Yili new tunnel automatic ironing machine is a combination of digitization, automation and flexibility, realizing automatic upper garment ironing with good ironing effect, low use cost, high production efficiency, small occupation area, and successfully opening up digital and intelligent clothing ironing management.
Equipment advantages:
A. Steam ironing and finishing: It has automatic induction and positioning functions, accurately grasps the size of the garment, uses the robot to automatically steam iron the garment to ensure the ironing effect, and is equipped with a brush to smooth the surface of the garment to eliminate wrinkles.
B. Built-in electric heating steam boiler to reduce pipeline loss and temperature loss; and equipped with a steam recovery system to minimize energy consumption.
C. Drying and cooling: Use the hot air circulation structure to dry the clothes, the process is gentle and will not damage the clothes. The cold air cools the clothes. Avoid the phenomenon that the clothing is easy to mold after being packaged in the rainy season.
D. Optional spray device to add fabric softener, color protectant, etc.

High quality: The original ironing principle ensures a good ironing effect and no damage to the clothes.
Efficient: The guide rail automatically transports the clothes, and has independent working areas (steam ironing finishing area, hot air drying setting area, cooling area).
Energy saving: The original ironing principle uses less steam; the working environment is relatively sealed to achieve good heat preservation effect and reduce steam loss.

Suitable for: T-shirt automatic ironing.
Model YL-Y3 Air consumption 30L/h
Voltage 3PH AC 380V Steam pressure 0.4Mpa
Blowing power 3*0.75=2.25Kw Steam consumption 36kg/h
Total power 27Kw Steam boiler power 18Kw
Air pressure 0.6Mpa Dimension 3000*1230*2450mm

Advantages of a new automatic ironing machines:
  Traditional Tunnel Ironing machine New tunnel ironing machine
Ironing principle Strong wind pulls and sprays steam Automatic ironing by robot, no damage to clothes, better ironing effect
Steam consumption ~250kg/h ~36kg/h
Steam boiler - Inbuilt with
Vapor Recovery System - Save about 40% steam consumption
Volume Large area Small footprint, saving plant space