Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine

Knitted and woven automatic fabric spreading machine

Using automatic servo to achieve no tension spreading effect, automatic edge pulling device, to achieve rolling and leveling. Suitable for regular needle woven fabric.
1.Automatic edge smoothing device(Solve the edge curling problem of knitted,nd achieve the curling edge smooth)
2.Servo automatically follows the transmission device of driving cloth feeding roller,precisely matches with the main servo,perfectly realizes tension-free fabric spreading,intelligently automatically adjusts the tightness,and the edge to  edge spreading accuracy is controlled
within 5 mm.
3.Intelligent adjustment elastic device(The machine will  return back to original position once fabric finishing,no need manual intervention.)
4.Option:Photoelectric anti-collision device(Photoelectric anti-collision system with distance setting, automatically captures and recognizes obstacles in the working process by photoelectric, and automatically stops in advance)

General knitted and woven fabric. Such as: T-shirts, shirts, children's wear, home clothes, toys, underwear, swimwear, cotton wear, trousers, jackets, denim, etc.

Technical specification
Model YL-160S5 YL-190S5 YL-210S5 YL-260S5
Max. fabric width 1600mm 1900mm 2100mm 2600mm
Max. fabric roll diameter 500mm
Max. fabric weight 80kgs
Max drive speed 106m/min
Max spreading fabric height One-way 230mm/Zigzag 160mm
Voltage & Power 1 P AC 220V 50Hz 1Kw
Request table width 1830mm 2130mm 2330mm 2830mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 190*230*125cm 190*260*125cm 190*280*125cm 190*330*125cm