Energy Saving Steam Ironing Table

Energy saving steam ironing table inbuilt with boiler

National patented energy saving device, built-in boiler integration, steam exhaust recovery and utilization, energy saving 40%.
Energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.
1.Integrated design, one table with one steam iron, automatically control adding water and heating, Suitable for different scale garment factories.
2.Inbuilt with steam furnace, short steam pipe and low heating loss, to keep steam temperature and dry. It solves the shortcomings of using traditional large boilers, long steam supply pipelines, high heating loss and wet steam.
3.Energy-saving type advantages: The unique steam exhaust recycling structure ,makes fully use steam exhaust, which saves about 40% steam consumption compared with other same type products.
Solve the shortcomings of traditional steam exhaust directly returning to the water tank: 
3.1. Makes the water pump heating and shorten its life .
3.2. The water vapor generated by the boiling water in the water tank will not only affect the working environment, but also make the clothes easily to getting moist and mold.
4.Stainless steel furnace, steam without stains, to avoid making the clothes dirty.
5.Without changing the heating pipe power, the external volume of the heating pipe is increased, the heat receiving area of the water inside the furnace is increased, so that the heating and heating temperature will be speed up, the steam volume is sufficient.
6.Equipped with moving casters for conveniently moving.
Model  Energy saving  YL-128A Normal type  YL-128B
Voltage&Frequency&Vacuum motor power 1PH AC220V/50Hz 0.8KW
3PH AC380V/50Hz  0.75KW
Furnace  Heating pipe power 5kw   
 Water Pump Power 1.1Kw
Total power 6.9Kw
Average electricity consumption ~3.5kwh ~5.5kwh
Water tank capacity 16L
Steam pressure 0.4 Mpa-0.7Mpa
Steam output consumption 7kg/h
Table heating Steam heating(Fixed temperature:80-100℃
Buck heater Option
Upward chimney Option
Iron hanger Option
Table size 1500*780mm
Customized is available