With so many advantages of automatic spreading machine, are you using it?
01 Jan

With so many advantages of automatic spreading machine, are you using it?

In modern clothing production, it has become a consensus to improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality with the help of automation systems. Among the various links of automatic garment production, the process of automatic cloth spreading is very important.

As we all know, the cost of fabrics occupies the most important part in the production of garments. Good spreading work can achieve better fabric edge alignment, so that the layout can be closer to the beginning, end and sides of the spreading layer, saving more materials. Making good use of the spreading machine system can save 0.5%-2% of the fabric for the enterprise, and the economic benefits are considerable.
Some fabrics in traditional cutting workshops are stored in the storage room, which is far away from the spreading machine. Each time the cloth is spread, two workers move the cloth roll from one side to the spreading table, and then manually "feed the cloth". This operation is time-consuming and inefficient. Advanced cutting shops take a different approach to spreading. Automatic cloth spreading not only saves labor, but also can effectively improve the production efficiency of garment enterprises to create more profits.

In the current clothing production, there are various types of fabric materials and product types. For example, from the type of material, there are elastic fabrics and non-elastic fabrics. In the actual production of clothing samples, the ideal pieces must be consistent with the CAD design and have no deformation. This requires that the cloth in the laying layer is not deformed, that is, the laying operation is tension-free.

There is no doubt that the spreading system can work stably and efficiently according to the plan, and seamlessly cooperate with the cutting process of the cutting machine, so the production efficiency of the entire cutting workshop will be improved.

Therefore, the garment manufacturing industry, which relies on labor-intensive development, inevitably has to quickly adapt to this social development trend and carry out the transformation of the production mode, that is, to use the automation system to increase the value of work, and to attract more talented workers with a good working environment and conditions. Youth is born into this industry.

The advanced automatic spreading system not only has fast production speed, but also has been upgraded from simple mechanized production to intelligent, so the production efficiency is higher and the work quality is better.

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