Ironing machine | Is there a difference between flat ironing and hanging ironing?
01 Jan

Ironing machine | Is there a difference between flat ironing and hanging ironing?

1. There are differences in ironing methods
The flat iron is ironed on the table, so it is in direct contact with the clothes. When the garment steamer is ironing, the parts in contact with the clothes are far away from the steam source. The dirt generated by the high temperature will never be easily sprayed on the clothes like a flat iron or a steam ironing brush. At the same time, the high-temperature steam also has the functions of dust removal, The effect of sterilization and disinfection.

2. The ironing effect is different
Clothes are often pressed with a flat iron, which can easily damage the fabric of the clothes, resulting in hardening and aging of the fabric. The hanging ironing machine irons in a natural hanging state, avoiding direct damage to the fabric under the double action of the clothes' own gravity and high-temperature steam, and can quickly, conveniently and easily iron the clothes, making the clothes bright as new, Stay in top shape for wearing.

3. For different fabrics
Hanging ironing is performed when the clothes hang down naturally, which is suitable for short and thin clothes such as shirts and T-shirts. Flat ironing is to iron the clothes on the ironing board, which is more suitable for thick clothes such as winter coats.

The automatic ironing machine can steam sterilization, reduce dust moths and allergens, remove bacteria (such as dust, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli), odor, pollen and chemical cleaners left after dry cleaning of clothes, the steam sterilization function and the peeling automation Ironing machine can help remove bacteria on clothes. If you are interested in ironing machine, please contact us for more information.